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Growth is a decision. Period.


It’s an every-moment-decision to not want to stay in your current position, current lifestyle, or at your current capacity. You want to see more, experience more, know more, be more. The decision to grow could be fueled by infinite variables of circumstances, good or bad, but reasons aside the most important component of growth is discipline and consistency. It’s a promise you’ve made to your “better you”; the better version of you that will trigger someone else’s awakening, jumpstart an advantageous opportunity, or help heal someone’s pain as they now realize change is possible. The very comprehension of the probable impact of goals-achieved is what keeps one foot in front of the other. The path is set; time to walk it. It’s time to move!


A pivotal point in anyone’s progression is when they’re identified and recognized by others - more importantly, others who are on their own respective paths. In my personal journey, I’ve come across quite a few folks that I would consider “real life super heroes” - people who tend to operate on a higher frequency and are committed to owning their destiny. Published author and inspirational speaker, Eric L. Harrison, is one of those people. 


Eric, like so many leaders, is no stranger to adversity or even failure. What makes him unique is his ability to fight his way back to his feet every time and excel when it matters most. From forming his own company, Express Your Perspective, to writing and publishing his first book, Lifestwists: Navigation for Life’s Winding Roads, to his recent family-friendly short film, Love & Legacy - Eric bares his passions and his wisdom as he looks to inspire the best in everyone.

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We were fortunate to catch up with the Chicago native - now based in Houston, TX - and discuss multiple aspects of his newly found success. In a discussion about his progression, and how he’s found the capacity to accomplish more, Eric Harrison shares the following points in regards to his growth:


  • Establish relationships with people who challenge me and give me the information needed to improve my personal life and business acumen.


  • Focus on completing one thing at a time. I have created a system that allowed me to take my time and concentrate on prioritized goals and aspirations. This approach has given me measurable results that have taken areas in my life to the next level.


  • Made a conscious effort to invest in self-care; learning to pour into myself personally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Focusing on my health holistically has set the proper foundation to build upon for ultimate success.


  • Align with organizations to address social issues that are close to my heart. As a heart attack survivor myself, I was excited to connect with and support the American Heart Association in last year. It was important for me to connect with others who share my story and will to persevere.


  • Examine my motives to ensure that my daily actions and interactions are being done for the right reasons. I fault myself for letting ego, low self-esteem, vengeance, and greed fuel my reasons in the past. From that, I’ve learned the importance of assessing my own energy and spirit so I can make decisions that match my true identity with integrity.

Written & designed by Ace Eversley

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