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Working with 43ºFilms & Consulting

Q. How can I receive a quote for a project?

A. Complete our project inquiry form.


Q. How can I submit a project request?

A. Complete our Express Client Request Form.


Q. How can I schedule a meeting with 43°Films & Consulting?

A. We respond within 48hrs of your form submission to schedule an initial meeting.


Q. Will I be assigned a primary contact for my project?

A. Yes. After the initial meeting, we will assign a primary contact and discuss a completion date.


Q. What is the standard project turnaround time (TAT)?

A. We try to complete each project in 2-3 weeks or less after project start date. Generally, we determine each project TAT based on complexity and team capacity. Project due dates will be established prior to the project start date.


Q. Will I be able to request multiple graphic design concepts (logos, promotional materials, etc.) for review and consideration?

A. Yes. For logo designs, we present a set slate of options for initial reactions, providing the opportunity to establish the general project direction.


For general graphic design artwork, we will provide a first draft per meeting notes and established expectations.


If client would like 43FC to produce a new slate, additional cost will incur. Please keep in mind, presented options are based on discussions and mutual understandings. If you have a change in mind/preference, all must be communicated. Additional costs may incur.


Q. How many rounds of edits are provided for logo designs?

A. For logo requests, we offer one round of review and edits.


Q. How many rounds of edits are provided for graphic art designs?

A. For graphic art requests, we offer one round of review and minor edits only. Change requests for overall project design will incur additional costs.


Q. When will I receive the final version of my project?

A. All finalized projects will be released upon receipt of full payment


Q. What formats are included in graphic design provided in?

A. We provide completed artwork all standard formats for digital and print use. Formats include AI, EPS, JPEG, PNG, PDF


Q. Do you offer logo solution packages for companies seeking tiered-logo options (primary, secondary, tertiary logos)?

A. Yes. We offer the following logo solutions. Associated costs vary across options.

• Primary Logo Only

• Primary + Secondary Branded Logo Package

• Primary + Secondary + Tertiary Branded Logo Package


Q. Do you offer long-term brand solutions?

A. Yes. We offer three (3) options to assist you with a number of branding needs. Visit our Brand Solutions page for details.


Q. What professional audio and music production services do you offer for sound-based projects?

A. Please see the following audio/music production services.


Studio Engineering

Mix and Master of Single to Multi-track vocal and Instrumental Music (Stereo & WAV files)



Music Production:

We have in-house producers, pianists and bass players along with access to a variety of singers and other instrumentalists who are all skilled in different genres of music to help bring your artistic vision to life.



Live Sound Engineer/ Reinforcement:

A live sound engineer can be provided for services including, set up, running sound/lighting and break down (strike). We can also provide the equipment and personnel to provide live sound and lighting for your event.



Sound and Lighting Equipment available:

  • 2-Powered QSC KW152 speakers

  • 2-Powered QSC KS118 sub-woofer speakers

  • 2-Harbinger double 15” speakers

  • 6-EV powered 12” Stage Monitor speakers

  • Behringer X-32 Digital Mixer with built-in digital effects - can mix up to 40 Channels, can also provide a 32 multi-track digital recording of the event.

  • Behringer SD-16 - 16 channel digital snake.



  • 4 Shure SM58 wireless vocal mics

  • 15-20 wired Shure and AKG mics for vocals and other instruments



  • 2 - Chauvet DJ Gig Bar Move Effect Light System

  • 2 - CHAUVET Wash FX Hex 2

  • 1 - Chauvet Fog Machine

  • Other cables and accessories needed for the set up


Q: What types of requests can 43ºFilms & Consulting provide service for?

A: Please see the following list of requests our team has and can be contracted for.


  • Commercial Video Shoots

  • Weddings & Events

  • Baby Showers

  • Convenings and Forums

  • Interviews

  • Virtual Showcases and Presentations

  • Visual Story Telling

  • Video Profiles - Team, Personal, and Organizational

  • Product Promotion

  • Service Promotion

  • Documentary Projects - Writing and Filming

  • Project Director

  • Brand Management & Development

  • Brand Advisor

  • Online / Social Media Engagement Strategies

  • Voice Acting / Voice Ads

  • Graphic Art Design

  • Logo Creation

  • Jingles & Musical Scores

  • Live Sound Engineering

  • Audio Mix and Mastering

  • Live Music Entertainment Professionals

  • Social Media Campaign Designs

  • Newsletter Design

  • Presentation Template Designs

  • Creative Writing and Scripting

  • Copy Writing

  • Voiceovers

  • Profile Assessment

  • Videography

  • Video Editing

  • Photography

  • Graphic Design

  • Logo Design & Enhancement

  • Marketing & Ad Content Design

  • Website Development & Optimization

  • Original Music Development

  • Brand Analysis & Consultation

  • Acting/Modeling Talent Access

  • Documentaries

  • Copy Writing

  • Scripting

  • Infographic Design

  • Newsletter Design

  • Interviews

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